GoT Puppets “Pilot”

The Guild of Thespian Puppets are currently shopping around the TV show pilot for their adult sketch comedy show.

GoT Puppets poster 4

The Guild of Thespian Puppets or GoT Puppets, are trying to become famous. Through a series of comedy sketches the puppets will try a new scheme to achieve notoriety in each episode of the series. However, they always seem to come up short and end up stuck making a living doing what puppets do best, putting on shows for children. GoT Puppets is a sketch comedy show for adults.

Hamlet the Monkey is a dreamer and has big plans for the puppets and he is going to make them famous. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s like herding cats. Dickens the Cat, the self-centered, opinionated puppet with a British accent, will never hesitate to tell Hamlet an opposing view. Clemens the Alligator is more interested in finding time to take a nap rather than helping with Hamlet’s goal. Even puppet manager Barry Plumpit is so completely out of touch with reality that he never ends up being helpful. There are a plethora of other puppets from The Guild who seem to offer even more obstacles to achieving Hamlet’s dream.

In each episode the puppets will focus on one specific theme, which will hopefully lead to their fame, whether it’s in television, movies, radio, online, and so on. These artistic or business pursuits that make up the theme will be tied together by a collection of comedy sketches. Plus, being puppets and because they just can’t help it, there’s usually at least one musical number per show. Hamlet the Monkey has got a lot of big dreams and most importantly he’s GoT Puppets.

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