Our Services

Besides live shows, The Guild of Thespian Puppets offers a wide variety of filmmaking and video services. We can produce commercials or creative videos for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Every video project is unique and The Guild of Thespian Puppets strives to create humorous, interesting, and engaging video that fits within each budget.

Some examples of the services we provide:

• Commercials

• Corporate Videos

• Public Relation Videos

• Advertising Videos

• Creative Videography

• And more….

Hire The Puppets To Do Your Commercial

The Guild of Thespian Puppets are available to do commercials for your business. If you are looking for an interesting, silly, and somewhat unconventional commercial please contact us. We can work with you to do a commercial that fits within your budget.

The Waterbasket

The Guild of Thespian Puppets have done a few commercials for The WaterBasket™.
Adding a WaterBasket™ to your 5-gal water coolers not only improves the look and versatility of your water coolers, you’ll be enhancing the ambiance of an entire room. Perfect for homes and offices.

Beautifying Water Coolers Everywhere™

#1 (1950s Robot) Spot -The Waterbasket

#2 (Back In My Day) Spot -The Waterbasket